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Job Processing: Job Invoicing and Crediting

Job Invoicing and Crediting

Job Invoicing and Crediting - Job Header pane

This window is used for both the Process — Job Processing — Invoice a Job function and the Process — Job Processing — Credit on a Job function, with appropriate modifications to its appearance.

There are two methods of invoicing jobs:



Line Items Method

This method effectively allows you to invoice on a line by line basis in much the same way as a Sales Order transfers its line items to an Invoice on dispatch. This is useful where you want to itemise the invoice in detail and populate the sales history with parts. This method can be used if the General Invoicing (not line items) checkbox IS NOT checked in the Job Maintenance window.

General Method

This method ignores line items and allows you to invoice with general invoice lines in much the same way as an Invoice created in the Ledgers — Accounts Receivable — New Invoice (Not Dispatch) function. This method can be used if the General Invoicing (not line items) checkbox IS checked in the Job Maintenance window. When the Job is set for General Invoicing there is no Line Invoicing tab pane available to you in this window.

To create an Invoice for a Job, use the Line Invoicing tab pane, if available, in which you can apply lines to the invoice that you will process in the General Invoicing tab pane. You can always add extra non-specific line items in the General Invoicing tab pane.



Job number

Jobs. Job code number = jst(MCDJOBS,’-6N0P0′). {JOBFILE.JOBCODE char 6}

Customer code

Customers. Unique customer identification code. {CUSFILE.CUSCODE char 6}

Customer name

Customers. Customer company name. {CUSFILE.CUSCNAM char 40}

The window has 4 tab panes.

Job Header 
Line Invoicing 
General Invoicing 
Invoice History 

Job Header

Job details that will be used for the Invoice or Credit Note.



Created date

Jobs. Date job created. {JOBFILE.JOBDATE date date1980}

Started date

Jobs. Date job started. {JOBFILE.JOBDATS date date1980}

Due for Completion date

Jobs. Date job due for completion. {JOBFILE.JOBDUED date date1980}

Completed date

Jobs. Date job completed. {JOBFILE.JOBDATC date date1980}

Customer reference

Jobs. Customer reference. {JOBFILE.JOBCREF char 20}

Additional reference

Jobs. Additional user reference. {JOBFILE.JOBAREF char 6}


Jobs. Currency code. {JOBFILE.JOBCUR char 3}

Exchange rate

Jobs. Currency exchange rate. {JOBFILE.JOBRATE number float}

Quick payment discount

Jobs. Quick payment discount %. {JOBFILE.JOBQPDI number 2dpShortnum}

Quick payment days

Jobs. Quick-payment days (or months) which will be used to generate invoice quick-payment date. {JOBFILE.JOBQPDA number 0dpShortnum}

Payment days

Jobs. Payment days. {JOBFILE.JOBPDAY number 0dpShortnum}

Payment terms

Jobs. Payment terms to customer. {JOBFILE.JOBTERM char 1000}

Invoice address

Contact and address that the invoice is addressed to (either default, additional or individual).

Dispatch address

Contact and address that it was dispatched to (either default, additional or individual).

Header text

Jobs. Header text. {JOBFILE.JOBHEAD char 10000000}

Packing or comments

Jobs. Comments. {JOBFILE.JOBCOMM char 10000000}

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Line Invoicing

Job Invoicing and Crediting - Line Invoicing pane

Details of line item invoicing or crediting. This pane is not available if the General Invoicing (not line items) checkbox IS checked in the Job Maintenance window.



Available Line Item List

List of available job lines. You can individually edit the applied quantity. Double-click to put a part into the ScratchPad.

Tip TIP: To edit cells in the list, select the line and click in the cell and hover the mouse over the cell. I.E. click once and pause with no mouse movement. The cell will then expand into an editable box in which you can enter different data. On leaving the box with any action like a tab or click elsewhere, the data is verified and the list returns to normal with the new data shown in the cell.

Total value

The total value of balance quantity items (without tax) for the order in the currency shown.



Fully Apply Selected

To fully apply available quantity to selected lines.

Apply Lines

To transfer the applied lines to the invoicing pane.

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General Invoicing

Job Invoicing and Crediting - General Invoicing pane

Details of the general invoicing or credit to be made.



Invoice Item List

List of line items for the invoice or credit note.

Total value without tax

The total value (without tax) for the listed items.

Total Tax

The total tax for the listed items.

Total with Tax

The total gross for the listed items.

Line number

Sales History. Invoice Line Number (may be different from SO line number). {SAHFILE.SAHINVL number 0dpShortnum}

Part number

Sales History. Part number. {SAHFILE.SAHPTNO char 18}

Commission agents

Sales History. Commission agents posted commission for this line item (comma separated list of COMIDs). {SAHFILE.SAHCOMA char 100}

Note NOTE: For more details of the commissioning agents system within the program see the Commissioned Sales Agents Maintenance window and the Sales Commissions Review window topics.

Item description

Sales History. Item description if not a Part numbered item. {SAHFILE.SAHDESC char 32000}

Sales account

Sales History. G/L sales posting account code. {SAHFILE.SAHACCO char 10}

Sales UoM

Sales History. Sales Unit of measure. {SAHFILE.SAHSAUM char 6}


Sales History. Quantity delivered per sales unit of measure. {SAHFILE.SAHQTY number 3dp}

List price

Sales History. Price per sales unit of measure before discount. {SAHFILE.SAHPSUM number 2dp}

Discount rate

Sales History. Discount percent given to customer. {SAHFILE.SAHDISC number 2dpShortnum}

Tax regime and class

Sales History. Tax regime code applied. {SAHFILE.SAHTAMC char 6} and Sales History. Sales tax class. {SAHFILE.SAHTAXC char 1}. Sales tax regime appropriate for the customer and the class appropriate to the goods being sold. Select from the dropdown lists. (See the Tax Maintenance window for details of the tax system.) By default the customer’s tax regime is applied or that of the dispatch additional address (if one is applied). The tax class applied by default is that of the part or the default sales non-part class set in the company details.

Tax Rate

The current net tax rate for the entered tax regime and class.

Value without tax

The value of the selected item in the Invoice, exclusive of tax.

Tax amount

Sales History. Tax applied on dispatch quantity. {SAHFILE.SAHTAX number 2dp}

Value with tax

The value of the selected item in the Invoice, inclusive of tax.

Complete Job

Check to complete the Job or uncheck to re-open it.

Print Invoice

To print a Invoice or Credit Note after it has been saved.



Stage Payment

To add a stage payment for the job to the invoice. This will open the Job Stage Payments window in which you can enter a number of amounts proportional to the sales value of the job.

Add Line Item

To add a non-part (or non-stock part) line entry to the document.

Create Invoice

After preparing the document lines above, click to save and process the document.

Tip The window permits the production of a zero value general invoice. This may be useful when wishing to document some stage in a job or when the job is undertaken free of cost to the customer. To do this you must have at least one line item.

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Invoice History

Job Invoicing and Crediting - Invoice History pane

Select to review previous invoice history and other financial details of the job.



Invoices booked

Jobs. List of invoices and credit notes applied to the job with value and tax. {JOBFILE.JOBINV list}

Net sales value

Jobs. Total net sales value after discounts (without tax) in currency. {JOBFILE.JOBSALE number 2dp}

Net invoiced value

Jobs. Total invoiced value (without tax) in currency. {JOBFILE.JOBINVV number 2dp}

% Invoiced

Percent of net sales value that has been invoiced.

Forecast cost

Jobs. Cost current forecast in currency. {JOBFILE.JOBFORE number 3dp}

Cost issued

Jobs. Cost value issued or recorded to date in currency. {JOBFILE.JOBCOST number 3dp}

% Issued Cost

Percent of forecast cost that has been issued.

Margin on Forecast

The net amount of net sales value above forecast cost.

Margin on Issued

The net amount of net invoiced value above cost issued.

% Issued Margin

Percent of forecast cost that has been issued.

Tax regime and class

Jobs. Tax regime applied to general invoicing, {JOBFILE.JOBTAMC char 6}, and Tax class applicable when general invoicing, {JOBFILE.JOBTAXC char 1}.

Tax rate

Jobs. Tax % applied to general invoicing. {JOBFILE.JOBTAX number 2dpShortnum}

Tax amount

The amount of tax payable on the net sale value at the rate.

Sales Price with Tax

The net sale price plus tax without any quick payment discount.

Sales Price with Tax with Quick-pay Discount

The net sale price plus tax and any quick payment discount.

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