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Sales Dispatch: Sales Trade Statistics and Purchase Trade Statistics

Sales Trade Statistics and Purchase Trade Statistics

Sales Trade Statistics and Purchase Trade Statistics

Sales and Purchase history can be used for preparing Trade Statistics. This window is the same for both Process — Dispatch — Review Sales Trade Statistics and Process — Goods Inwards and History — Review Purchase Trade Statistics.

This is of particular interest to UK manufacturers that need to provide customs authorities with Intra-EC Trade Statistics regularly. This window provides you with an ability to add the special information necessary to complete the statistics forms which you can then print.

Typically, trade details are input on sales dispatch and goods receipt and are controlled by the File — System Manager — System Preferences controls under Sales Order and Purchase Order tab panes to “Record sales/purchase intra-EC trade statistics in history” using the Trade Statistics Order Details window.

To prepare a list of history records, click on the Build list of period Trade Statistics button. You will then be provided with the Date Range Selection window in which you can set a date range for the listing.

You have the option of limiting the records listed to only those from customers/suppliers whose country is flagged with Special Trading Status (in the Country Maintenance topic).

Having viewed the list produced click on the first line in which you wish to make changes. The trade statistics variables can then be modified below. The system will save the changes you have made as you make them. If you make no changes no update of the file will take place.

Having updated the statistics with the correct data, you can now print either the EC Sales List report or the Intra-EC Trade Statistics report with the buttons provided. The Print Intra-EC report will only be available if have prepared the list from records of customers in special trading countries.

Tip TIP: The Intra-EC Trade Statistics report is designed to print directly onto UK Customs and Excise Supplementary Declaration form C1501 and continuation sheets thereof. This form is A4 size paper and therefore you should have the Portrait printer page setup for A4 with Larger Print Area option checked.



Special Trading Countries Only

If selected the list will only include items from customers/suppliers of countries that are marked as Special Trading Countries.

History Item list

List of all sales or purchase history covering your selection.

Commodity code

Normally this would be inherited from the part’s commodity code.

Supplementary units

Normally this would be inherited from the part’s supplementary units flag.

Nature of Transaction

The codes is set by default to be 10.

Country of Origin

For sales this is the system country code. For purchases it is the supplier’s country code.

Mass in system weight units

This is the mass (weight) of the dispatch or receipt. Only part items are provided automatically with a value, being the received quantity times the part’s mass.

Delivery Terms

The delivery terms code is set by default to be 2 (CIF).

0 = EXW = Ex Works
1 = FOB = Free on Board
2 = CIF = Cost, Insurance and Freight
3 = DDU = Delivered Domicile
4 = DDP = Delivered Domicile
5 = XXX = Other

Transport Mode

The codes is set by default to be 3.

1 = Sea (including trucks by ferry)
2 = Rail (not Channel Tunnel)
3 = Road
4 = Air
5 = Post
7 = Fixed installations (e.g. Channel Tunnel)
8 = Inland Waterway
9 = Own propulsion

Report Returns

If selected, the report will show only returned items, otherwise only dispatched/received items.



Build List of Period Trade Statistics

To build a list of trade history covering a selected period.

Print EU Sales List Report

To print the UK VAT EU Sales List report form 101.

Print Intra EC Report

To print the UK VAT EU Sales List report form 1501.

Electronic Submission

Click to open the Sales Trade Statistics Electronic Submission window which enables you to file trade statistics electronically in some jurisdictions.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Jun 2012 04:47:00.00. Class wSahTrade last modified 23 Sep 2017 10:51:06.

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