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Sales Dispatch: Un-invoiced Dispatches

Un-invoiced Dispatches

Un-invoiced Dispatches

When a dispatch take place of a Sales Order which has been marked for No Invoice on Dispatch, the invoice record will have a blank invoice number (this also applies to sales history line items. This enables consolidated invoicing, where one invoice can be created to cover more than one dispatch. The resulting invoice will have the same number of line items as the dispatched lines, however these can be consolidated when the invoice is printed.

When you enter this window, all in-invoiced dispatched line items are collected and a window opens showing a list of customers that have currently un-invoiced dispatch line items.

When you select a customer on the top list the dispatches associated will be listed.

Having selected one or more dispatches, click on the Create Invoice button to generate an invoice for the combined dispatches. Check the Print invoice after creation to automatically print the invoice after creation.

As un-invoiced dispatches have a significant financial implication to accountants, a Valuation report is provided.



Customer list

List of all customers with un-invoiced dispatches.

Dispatches list

List of all un-invoiced dispatches for the selected customer and of the same currency.

Print invoice after creation

Check this option to automatically print a created invoice.



Print Valuation

To produce a valuation report of all uninvoiced dispatched items. Clicking this buttons opens the Parts Stock Valuation Reports window and prints the Un-invoiced Dispatches Report.

Create Invoice

Click to create an invoice for the selected dispatched items.

Note NOTE: It is always possible for two users to attempt to process the same un-invoiced dispatches simultaneously, causing data confusion. At a first stage of processing a test is performed that the data has not already been processed, if so it will be aborted. However, a truly simultaneous duel-processing can get through.

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