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Sales Order: Sales Order and Quotation List

Sales Order and Quotation List

Sales Order and Quotation List

This window lists a selection of Sales Orders and Quotations. It opens from the Select Sales Order window after choosing from the selection options dropdown list. You can use the list to print a number of documents at the same time.



Sales Order List

Lists all Sales Orders and Quotations. Click to select, double-click to confirm.

Tip TIP: If you have privileges to delete orders, right-click on the list to Delete Selected Documents. This function can save a great deal of time when cleaning the system of unwanted documents.


Select for Sales Order Acknowledgement or Quotation printing.

Explode kit items

Check to show kit items exploded in the SO or Quote document.

Picking Lists

Select for Picking List printing.



Select Un-printed

All un-printed Quotations and Sales Orders will be selected in the list.


Prints each of the Sales Orders and Quotations selected in the list. Right-click to change the report destination.

Tip TIP: Most reports are typically printed as a single print run for a range of documents. This may be inappropriate for some report destinations, which are, by default, HTML, PDF, Email where each document needs to be printed individually. You can generally override these default destinations with the optRepDestIndivid option that allows you to set a selection of destinations for which documents will be printed individually.

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