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ScratchPads: Supplier ScratchPad

Supplier ScratchPad

Supplier ScratchPad

This window is a listing tool that allows the generation and maintenance of a supplier list that can be used throughout the program. The list can be built automatically from customers visited during a program session, built by specific selection, or loaded from relevant analysis functions within the program. The list can then be used for the selection of suppliers to be processed elsewhere in the program, including tasks such as report generation and global changes.

The contents and layout of the list and other options can be modified in the Settings Maintenance Subwindow under File–Preferences–User Settings and File–System Manager–Privileges and Settings.

The window is opened by selecting ScratchPads–Suppliers or by pressing the F6 function key, or clicking on the Supplier ScratchPad tool on the toolbar.


With the Auto add setting selected in the Settings Maintenance Subwindow under File–Preferences–User Settings and File–System Manager–Privileges and Settings, suppliers will be automatically added to the listing as they are visited during normal program activity; for example during Supplier or Purchase Parts maintenance, or while adding or changing a Supplier in a Purchase Order.

To build an entirely new list, and clear any existing list, open the Suppliers ScratchPad Selection window by selecting Build New List from the Suppliers ScratchPad Options menu, and select the range of suppliers for the list.

Warning WARNING: Address and Contact field columns can be added to the ScratchPad. If that is the case the default address for the customer and its default contact, if any, will be used. This is true even if the source of the search that compiled the list comprised from data in non-default addresses or contacts. For example a contact last name can be used in a search. A last name of Jones may be on a non-default address of a customer, so that customer will be included. But the contact shown will be the default contact for the default address, and that is what will show in the ScratchPad. The ScratchPads — Address/Contact Keyword menu function can provide specific address/contact search and operations thereon. See the Address and Contact Keyword Search help for details.

Use the Clear Entire List, Clear Selected Lines and Invert Selection options to maintain the list.

Use the Save as User List to save list contents (key field only) to your user settings. When you next log on to the program and datafile the saved list will be re-built in the ScratchPad. Care must be taken not to allow this saved list to become out-of-date so it is recommended that you re-load the ScratchPad and save it periodically.

To transfer list items to a compatible program function first select the items, then select the Transfer List option. Alternatively, first select the items in the list, then drag and drop them onto the applicable program object.

For example, to print a relevant report just for selected items in the list, drag and drop the selected list items from the ScratchPad list directly onto the Print Report button in a Report Selection window OR use Transfer List OR use drag and drop from the list to populate the relevant fields in the Report Selection window.

To copy single list items into a data entry box, double-click on the list item in the ScratchPad list, or drag and drop the item from the list into the data entry box.

For example, to change a supplier for a Purchase Order, drag and drop the list item from the ScratchPad list directly into the Supplier data entry box of the Supplier and Terms tab. And, to select a customer for a new Purchase Order, drag and drop the list item from the list into the data entry field in the Supplier Selection window OR double-click the list item in the ScratchPad list.

To transfer items from the listing to the operating system clipboard, or populate the ScratchPad with items from the clipboard, open the Scratchpad Import window by selecting In-Out via Clipboard from the Supplier ScratchPad Options menu, and transfer the items.

To force the ScratchPad listing window to remain on top of other open windows, select Set to Palette Style Window from the Suppliers ScratchPad Options menu.


It is not possible to drag-select multiple list items. This is because the window supports drag and drop. The alternative multiple selection methods using the CTRL and SHIFT keys can be used.


Clicking Suppliers Scratchpad Options results in a drop-down menu with the following functions: –

Menu Item


Build New List

Opens the Suppliers ScratchPad Selection window.

Clear Entire List

Removes all lines from the list.

Clear Selected Lines

Removes only currently selected lines from the list.

Invert selection

Deselects all currently selected lines and selects all currently unselected lines.

Transfer List

Transfers the currently selected contents of the list to a compatible program function for processing.

Save as User List

The current contents of the ScratchPad will be saved in the User Settings and when the user next logs on, the ScratchPad will be re-loaded from the saved list.

In-Out via Clipboard

Opens the Scratchpad Import window.

Set to Palette Style Window

Forces the window to remain on top of other windows. A window set like this can not be re-sized.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 17 May 2012 10:26:00.00. Class wScratchSuppliers last modified 6 Oct 2017 05:43:44.

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