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Stock History: Inventory History Report Selection

Inventory History Report Selection

Inventory History Report Selection

This report setup window provides you with the ability to choose a range of selections, sort order and report types.

You can drag and drop onto the window from the Parts ScratchPads to obtain a report of selected parts only.

Note NOTE: This window contains fields introduced with version 5 that enable additional search (and sometimes sort controls), such as Adhoc extra where. For more help on their use and examples see the Client-Server SQL Introduction help.



Document Selection

Enter a selection in the Inventory History Selection subwindow.


Choose the field for the primary sort of parts on the report.

Report Type list

Select a report type. Any custom reports entered in the Settings will appear at the bottom of the list. The Last Movement type report does not have the normal selection and sort option. When printing, you will be offered options for the report in the Last Movement Options window.

Type List

List of all movement types. You can drag and drop type lines onto Movement Type range fields.




Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.

Print Report

Will cause a report to be printed of the subject matter. Right-click to change the report destination.

Customisation CUSTOM CAPABILITY: Stock history records hold a text field (from Version 2.00 onwards) which contains a coded list of multi-locations and batches associated with the stock movement. The History Listing with Batches and Locations report list this data. If you are designing a custom report or feature you can use the iProcessStock.$GetListFromSthloc(pSthloc) method return a list from the coded text. The list returned contains the columns Location, Batch, Qty. iProcessStock must be defined as a instance variable of object type and subtype VISION.oProcessStock.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 3 Jan 2015 11:23:00.00. Class wSthPrint last modified 17 Oct 2017 04:29:57.

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