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Inventory: Stock Location Listing

Stock Location Listing

Stock Location Listing

This window is only available if you have checked the Maintain multi-stock locations extended information in the File — System Manager System Preferences window.

Extended Stock Information

Extended information enables you to additionally record four quantities and a comment against a batch. The date the location record was created is also recorded.

There are six fields of Extended Information and you can customise the descriptor seen on windows and reports for each one.

Note NOTE: The option optStockEditDate can be set to 1 or Yes if you want to be able to add and edit any date into the extended data date field. This can be useful for expiry dates.



Fieldname (Datatype)


s3620, s3294 and s3242

STOWIDT (3 decimal number)


s3621, s3294 and s3243

STOLENG (3 decimal number)


s3622, s3294 and s3244

STOANGL (3 decimal number)


s3623 and s3294

STOUNIT (0 decimal number)


s3624 and s3245

STODATE (Short Date)


s3625, s3295 and s3246

STOCOMM (Character 32000)

Tip TIP: Extended Information can be used to broaden the definition of a part. For example, you could use it to have a part definition for a particular grade of steel plate of 20mm thickness. The stock unit would be Kilos. Each batch of this steel plate can be given an independent width, length, number of plates of these dimensions, the date they went into stock and some comments on their condition or use. These extra characteristics are automatically added to any tracking data.

Modifying extended information

The program does not enforce any calculations on the extended information and therefore there is no reason to restrict user-modification of the data. If you are not otherwise in an edit function, you can modify most data by double-clicking on a list line. On doing this, the list converts to a spreadsheet-style list in which you can edit data line by line. When you confirm with an Ok, and changes are saved to the data file.

The data that can be changed is the Location, Width, Length, Angle, Units, Dates (only if there is no date already there unless option optStockEditDate is in force) and Comment. The Comment data is not changed in the list, but in the field below the list.

Splitting a Batch

You can split a single location batch into two locations with different details. To do this, select a location line in the list (single click) and then click on the Split button. The Split Batch window will open in which you can record the distribution of physical stock between the two, and amend any extended information on both.

Window Contents



Part number

Parts Master. Part number unique identifier. {PTMFILE.PTMPTNO char 18}


Parts Master. Part description. {PTMFILE.PTMDESC char 30}

Stock Unit of Measure

Parts Master. Standard stock unit of measure. {PTMFILE.PTMSTUM char 6}

Bulk Issue

Parts Master. Bulk issue flag. {PTMFILE.PTMBULK boolean}

Part Type

Parts Master. Part type (A,B,M,N,O,P). {PTMFILE.PTMTYPE char 1}

Current Quantities

For details see the Parts Current Quantity subwindow.

Current Float Stock

Float stock is the difference between physical stock and non-quarantined multi-location stock and should always be zero for tracked parts.

Multi-Stock List

List of all multi-stock locations for the selected part. Double-click to edit (if you have Stock Control privileges).


Stock Locations and Quantities. Location identifier. {STOFILE.STOLOC char 8}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Quarantine flag (qty not in PTMPHYQ) {STOFILE.STOQUAR Boolean}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Batch identifier. {STOFILE.STOBATC char 7}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Physical quantity in this location. {STOFILE.STOPHYQ number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Material width (or second) dimension. {STOFILE.STOWIDT number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Material length (or third) dimension. {STOFILE.STOLENG number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Material angle (or fourth) dimension. {STOFILE.STOANGL number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Unit quantity of pieces with these dimensions. {STOFILE.STOUNIT number}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Date of creation of the stock location record (not batch). {STOFILE.STODATE date date1980}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Stock Location comments. {STOFILE.STOCOMM char 32000}

Tip TIP: An option optStockCopyComments is available to ensure that any tracking records associated with an individual batch have the comments updated to any changed comments on the stock location record. The normal behaviour is for only new tracking records to adopt the changed comments.




To split a selected location/batch into two. This is only available if you have Stock Control access. Opens the Split Batch window.


To print a report of the listing. Right-click to change report destination.


Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.


The OK button updates the data you have entered, or confirms the selection and/or processes the function you have called.

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