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Inventory: Stock Multi-Location Maintenance

Stock Multi-Location Maintenance

Stock Multi-Location Maintenance

This window is used to mass-change Locations and mass delete empty locations.

When the list is built a special code is used to identify the Last Date. This in-effect is the last date an inventory movement took place from or to the location. The date, by default, is the extended information date which is normally the date the location was created on. However, the stock history is examined and location list data explored to establish when the location was last used. The latest date is used. If the location has a batch number, this is used to identify the last date, but if not it uses the location text. This means that if the location for the record has been changed since the inventory movement, you will not get a true Last Date – typically it will be the location’s creation date.



Document Selection

Enter a selection in the Stock Location Selection subwindow. You can also use drag-and-drop from the Parts ScratchPad and BoM Listing.

First location segment length

The number of characters for the first segment of the location.

Second location segment length

The number of characters for the second segment of the location.

List of all stock Locations. Selected zero quantity locations can be deleted using the Del key. Double-click to drill-down to part and/or batch Non-Conformance Reports.

The location can be broken into up to 3 segment of text by entering the number of characters in the first and second segment above the list (the third’s length is always the balance from the field length and the other two segments. You can then change the text in segments on a find-and-replace basis using the fields below the list.

You can also directly edit locations or location segments using the click-and-hover technique directly in the list.

Change segments from

The find from characters for the location segment you want to change.

Change to

The replacement characters for the location segment you want to change.

Suppress Warnings

To turn on and off the warning messages that preced deletions and changes.




Click to build the list using your selection range.

Change Selected

Click to change the selected lines where the segment text is equal to that entered and replace that text with the to value entered. If there is no from text, all the segment text is changed.

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