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Work Orders: Work Order Operation List Maintenance

Work Order Operation List Maintenance

Work Order Operation List Maintenance

This window is opened from either the Change Route button on the Work Order Maintenance window or the Route button on the MRP Work Order Recommendations window.

Every time a Work Order is created on the system a copy of the operational Process Route is created and held against that specific Work Order. When the WO is cancelled or completed, the route is automatically deleted. Work History records the operational activity. At the time of creating the WO you can amend the standard route, that can contain alternate operations. Capacity Planning takes account of the stored WO-specific route. Shopfloor activity and Work History reflects the stored route rather than the design Process Route. When creating a WO you can even drop standard operations which have no alternates and add completely new operations specific to the particular WO. Once the WO has been created, it is independent of the design Process Route.

There are some rules and restrictions that apply:

  • Any change can be made to the operations of a WO before it has been saved to the database.
  • If the WO has not been kitted or backflushed, changes can be made to the operations.
  • If any outwork operation has been placed on a Purchase Order or RFQ, that operation cannot have it’s operation number or work centre changed while it is still subject to a PO or RFQ.
  • If some of the WO has been received, or Shopfloor data collected for the final operation, the final operation number cannot be removed or changed, nor can a higher operation number be added to the WO route. However, the details of the final operation, including Work Centre, can be changed.



Operations List

A list of operations for a specific work order.

Normal In-House Operations are marked with a Normal Operation icon.
Outwork Operations are marked with a Outwork Operation icon.
Alternative Operations and those added for this WO are marked with an additional Alternate Operation icon.

Operation Number

Work Order Operations. Operation number. {WOOFILE.WOOOPNO integer}

Work Centre Code

Work Order Operations. Work Centre code. {WOOFILE.WOOWKC char 4 Idx}

Setup Time in Hours

Work Order Operations. Operation setup time in hours. {WOOFILE.WOOSETT number 2dpShortnum}

Run Time in Hours

Work Order Operations. Operation runtime in hours. {WOOFILE.WOORUNT number 4dp}

Lag Time in Hours

Work Order Operations. Operation lagtime in hours. {WOOFILE.WOOLEAD number 2dpShortnum}

Mass Change

Work Order Operations. Operation mass change on assembly. {WOOFILE.WOOMASS number 3dp}

Std. Works Text

Work Order Operations. Standard works text code. {WOOFILE.WOOTXW char 4}

Work Centre Description

Work Centres. Description of work centre. {WKCFILE.WKCDESC char 30}

Instructions for operation selected in list

Work Order Operations. Operation instructions text. {WOOFILE.WOOINST char 100000000}

Extra info for operation selected in list

Work Order Operations. Extra information for schedule transfer. {WOOFILE.WOOXTRA char 100000000}



Revert to Full Route

To reload with the full stored process route with all alternatives.

Add Extra Operation

To add an operation that is not otherwise listed in the standard route.


Click to revert to the previous list before any changes were made.

Apply to WO

Click to apply this amended list to the WO.

Entering Time Values using HMSP Syntax

The system stores and uses times in decimal hours. 1.5000 hours rather than 1hr 30min. However, you can enter time in a number of different ways that will automatically convert to the equivalent decimal hours when you leave the field.



Example which Converts to


h or H

1h30m = 1.5000


m or M

20m = 0.3333


s or S

3.6s = 0.0010


: or ;

1:30 = 1.5000



1:30m36s = 1.5100

Pieces per hour

p or P

100p = 0.0100

See also: –

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