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Works History: Work History Operation Comment

Work History Operation Comment

Work History Operation Comment Dialog

This window automatically opens when the option optWOHistOpCom is set to 1 or 2 and work history is recorded. When the option is set to 1, the window is available for each Shopfloor or Log WO Performance entry. If set to 2, it additionally opens for Receive WO and Backflush WO. Use the option optWOHistOpComText for default comment text.



Work Order Number

Work History. Work order number. {WOHFILE.WOHWONO char 6 Idx}

Operation Number

Work History. Operation number of process route. {WOHFILE.WOHOPNO integer}. Only visible when the comment is specific to an operation, otherwise the comment will apply to all operation history records.


Work History. Work operation history comments. {WOHFILE.WOHCOMM char 10000000}




The OK button updates the data you have entered, or confirms the selection and/or processes the function you have called.


Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 12 Jul 2006 12:01:00.00. Class wWohComment last modified 18 Feb 2015 01:54:57.

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