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Work Orders: Order Shortages Listing

Order Shortages Listing

Order Shortages Listing

This window is available from the Process — Work Orders — Review Shortages menu function.



Shortages List

List of all shortages on file. Those prefixed with P are outwork assembly kit shortages on POs, those prefixed S are SO kit dispatch shortages and those prefixed W and WO shortages.



Print Report

To print a report of the available-to-kit analysis listing with options.


After kitting to a normal Work Order any quantities of items not issued are recorded in the Shortages file. There is no concept of shortages with Backflushed Work Orders. In addition, parts not included in Purchase Order Outwork Assembly issue to suppliers and Sales Order Exploded Kit dispatch to customers are also recorded as shortages.

When parts are received into stock and the Physical quantity is not negative, the Shortage file is checked, and the user notified with a message of the shortages outstanding.

In addition, any Sales Orders (not Quotations) for the part that are overdue are also drawn to the user’s attention with a message.

The Shortages file contains the following data:



Shortage Part Number

Part Number of any components in the kitting that are not issued to a normal Work Order. Kit components marked Bulk Issue, or of Non-stock type are not considered during kitting. Kit components of P- type (Phantom) are exploded into their components for kitting.

Work Order Number

The Work Order (prefixed with a W that the shortage is applied to. Other shortage items may apply to PO outwork kits and SO dispatch kits.

Shortage Date

The date on which the shortage occurred.

Shortage Quantity

The shortage quantity.

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Jun 2012 04:49:00.00. Class wWosListing last modified 23 Sep 2017 10:51:14.

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