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Ledgers Purchase or Accounts Payable: – Accounts Payable Menu

– Accounts Payable Menu

Accounts Payable (Purchase Ledger) manages your financial relations with suppliers of goods and services.

Accounts Payable menu




Invoices and Credits

To record supplier documents and transactions that they have initiated. Both Invoices from suppliers and credits to you can be recorded. Invoice verification against PO history can also be carried out. See the Supplier Invoices or Credits Posting topic.


Debit Note to Supplier

To create a Debit Note and return goods from stock to a Supplier. See the Debit Note to Supplier topic.


Payments to Suppliers

Record the payments you make to suppliers against their account. See the Payment and Receipt for AR and AP topic.


Refunds or Cancel Payments

Any refunds from a supplier or cancelled payments that you have made to a supplier should be recorded in this area. See the Payment and Receipt for AR and AP topic.


Daybook Analysis

Provides a listing of the current transaction day’s Accounts Payable transaction history. See the Daybook Transaction Listing topic.


Control Analysis

Provides an analysis of transaction history by period from the Accounts Payable ledger and compares it with the General Ledger control account. A variety of printed analysis reports are available. See the A/R and A/P Ledger Control Analysis topic.


Review Supplier Account

To provide a review of supplier transaction history. See the Account Review topic.


Review Overdue Payments

Provides a list of all supplier accounts that have payments outstanding. You will be presented with a dialogue in which you can date the point at which transactions are considered to be overdue. See the Overdue Supplier Accounts topic.


Review Memo

To review credit control memos. See the Credit Control Memo Review topic.


Print Statements and Reports

Use this function for printing statements and review reports of supplier account history and status. See the Supplier Statement and Report Options topic.


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