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Ledgers Sales or Accounts Receivable: Overdue Sales Invoice List

Overdue Sales Invoice List

Overdue Sales Invoice List

This function lists all Invoices on which overdue payments exist. You are first required to enter the date on which payments will be overdue (See the Overdue Date Limit topic).

Click on the list to select a default customer for use with other Accounts Receivable functions by right-clicking on the selected customer in the box at the bottom left.



Total selected value

Total due value of selected invoices in local currency.

Total value

Total due value of all listed invoices in local currency.

Selected customer

Selected customer code. Right click to drill into A/R functions for this customer.

Right-click on this field to obtain print functions for the address and contact. Print Standard Letter opens the Standard Letter Selection window and Print 4×4 Label opens the 4 by 4 Label Position window.

Tip TIP: The contact shown here can be other than the customer’s default address and contact by linking a specific address and contact to the “Accounts Department Address and Contact” document. This can be done in the customer maintenance on the Address Document Link Maintenance window.

When printing, you can select a number of customers in the list. Only Statements and reviews will be printed for those selected.



Export Mailmerge

To export a data set for the selected invoices and customers which can then be used for mailmerge-type activities. See below for file structure.

Print Reviews

To print a review report on the accounts of customers selected.

Print Statements

To print customer account statements for those customers selected in the list.

Tip TIP: Most reports are typically printed as a single print run for a range of documents. This may be inappropriate for some report destinations, which are, by default, HTML, PDF, Email where each document needs to be printed individually. You can generally override these default destinations with the optRepDestIndivid option that allows you to set a selection of destinations for which documents will be printed individually.

The file produced by the Export Mailmerge feature is a tab-delimited text file with the following columns of data:

  1. Customer code
  2. Customer user reference
  3. Contact last name
  4. Contact salutation
  5. Contact given name
  6. Job title
  7. Department
  8. Company name
  9. Address line 1
  10. Address line 2
  11. Address line 3
  12. Address line 4
  13. Postcode or ZIP
  14. Country name (if not local)
  15. Credit limit in local currency
  16. Current account debit balance in local currency
  17. On-order value in local currency
  18. Stop all dispatches flag
  19. Stop dispatches if over limit flag
  20. Period 1 turnover in local currency
  21. Period 2 turnover in local currency
  22. Period 3 turnover in local currency
  23. Invoice(s) pre-tax value
  24. Invoice(s) tax value
  25. Invoice(s) paid amounts
  26. Net due amount
  27. Currency of invoice values
  28. Earliest invoice due date

List Context Menu


Create Memo Set for Selected

Operate to create a Credit Memo that will be applied to all selected transaction list lines. This will open the Credit Control Memo Set window.

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