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Ledgers Sales or Accounts Receivable: Credit Control Memo Set

Credit Control Memo Set

Credit Control Memo Set

Any transaction in any of the ledgers can have a Memo Set attached to it. A memo set is any number of text memos that can be used for such things as credit management history or aide-memoirs. If a transaction has a memo set there will be an icon on the left end of the list line.

To view or add a memo, select the transaction in the list and double-click on the memo icon 15031 column.

If there is already one or more memos, they will be listed. To add a memo, click the Add New Memo button. If it is the first of a set, a new Memo set number will be automatically assigned and the current date and time and your user ID applied to the memo.

A memo has a Next action date which you can use to remind you or others of future action to take. By default, the Next action date will be set to today plus the default number of days (ordinary, not working days) set in the Account Manager Controls Maintenance window.

There is also a Memo is no longer active checkbox. This is used to suppress it in listings when it is no longer active. The memo itself can be of any length.

Additionally there is a Status attribute for a memo. Besides giving an indication of the status of the transaction associated with the memo, this setting is significant in the Overdue Supplier Accounts window. It effects the Can pay value for a supplier if any of the overdue transactions have memo sets that contain a memo which does not have it’s status set to Approved. This means that you can use the Add Memo button on the Supplier Invoices or Credits Posting window to maintain an approvals procedure for invoices before they get paid. Note that the status is always ignored if the memo is no longer active. Further note that both Waiting Approval and Permanent Bar have the same effect.

Further, you can apply the optAcApMemoStop system option. If set to 1 or 2 this will prevent any debit being included in an allocation if it has associated with it a Credit Memo that is not Approved or Cleared. A value of 1 offers a warning which can be overridden, a value of 2 will prevent any allocation until the memo is set to an approved status.




List of all memos in this memo set. Click to select and edit an old memo.

Memo set number

Credit Control Memos. Memo set number. {TRCFILE.TRCTRC number}

Memo date

Credit Control Memos. Date and time of comment entry. {TRCFILE.TRCDATE date datetime}

Memo user

Credit Control Memos. Memo comment user’s id. {TRCFILE.TRCINIT char 3}

Memo status

Credit Control Memos. Transaction status (0 = Approved, 1 = Waiting Approval, 2 = Permanent Ban). {TRCFILE.TRCSTAT int}

Memo text

Credit Control Memos. Credit control comment. {TRCFILE.TRCCOMM char 1000}

Next action date

Credit Control Memos. Next action date. {TRCFILE.TRCNEXT date date1980}

Memo no longer active

Credit Control Memos. Cleared flag (cleared=1). {TRCFILE.TRCCLEA integer shortint}



Add New Memo

Click to add a new memo to this set.


To revert any changes to the previously saved version.


To save the changes you have made to the data file.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Jun 2012 04:47:00.00. Class wAcTrcEntry last modified 10 Oct 2017 11:47:56.

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