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Introduction: What is New in Version 5.10

What is New in Version 5.10

Caliach Vision V5.10 operates with Omnis Studio V8.1.2.

The following relates to changes made since V5.0408.

Omnis Studio V8.1.2 and macOS Changes

Caliach Vision V5.10xx is released to run only with Omnis Studio V8.1.x. This release of Omnis Studio is the only one certified and supported by Omnis Software to operate under macOS 10.13, known as High Sierra. Previous versions of Omnis under macOS were written using the Carbon API, which was 32bit. After 3 years of work Omnis have migrated to the 64bit Cocao API and V8 was the first to take advantage of that work. On the surface this will not be noticable to users, except for improved performance. It is however an important step as Apple have warned that 32bit support will not survive beyond macOS 10.13. This means in practice that Caliach Vision V5.1000 will be the only version that is certified to run of macOS 10.13 and future Apple Macs.

Database Structure Changes

Tables Added

The following Tables have been added in V5.1000.

Table name




Reports stored output

Provides for the storage of reports printed to the Stored new report destination.

The following columns have been added or changed:

Columns Added or Changed

Table.Column {type}


Old rows values set on Upgrade

{char 255}

Program file path (appended to program volume option path) used on macOX.

Reason: To allow Mac and Window workstations on the same database to operate linked documents launched by external programs.

Same as existing LKTFILE.LKTPROG.

{number 4dp}

Number of seconds the process took, otherwise 0.000.

Reason: To provide a historic record of the time major processes take to complete.

All old records set to 0.000.


Original PO date from POHDATE.

Reason: To provide simplicity and to improve performance of historic analysis needing the original PO date.

In order, the following is used:

1. If PO is at the time of upgrade still incomplete, set to POHDATE.

2. Else if Buy Calendar still goes back far enough, the calendar is used to set the date based on PUHDAYS back from PUHDATE.

3. Else for all others left unset, set to the last PUHDATE.

{char 30}

Name of the stored report seen by users.

No rows existing.

{char 255}

Subject details.

No rows existing.

{char 100000000}


No rows existing.


Datetime of creation or overwrite.

No rows existing.

{char 60}

Report classname.

No rows existing.

{char 3}

User ID of creator or overwriter.

No rows existing.

{char 250}

User list of permitted readers (comma delimited).

No rows existing.

{char 255}

Group list of permitted readers (comma delimited).

No rows existing.


Report compressed binary output data.

No rows existing.


Record sequence number

No rows existing.

{char 100000000}

JSON text of row of AfterPrint auxiliary data

No rows existing.

{integer 32bit}

Uncompressed byte length of REPDATA.

No rows existing.


Datetime of movement

Reason: Improve generat performance and remove a historic anomolies.



Obsoleted (although it remains for future use)



Obsoleted (although it remains for future use)



Datetime on server when transaction created.

Reason: To provide a server-based record of exactly when an individual transaction was created, as opposed to the TRADATE which can be set or changed for accounting purposes.

When TRADATE is on or before upgrade date, set to TRADATE 00:00:00.00, otherwise set to upgrade server datetime.


Datetime when cleared (TRACLEA set 1, cleared when set 0 or 2).

Reason: To provide for accurate bank reconciliation reports that match bank statements.

Set to upgrade server datetime, when TRACLEA=1, otherwise not set.

{char 3}

User identifier for the last change of TRACLEM.

Reason: To provide for audit of bank reconciliation and, A/P and A/R account allocations.

Set to upgrade User ID, when TRACLEA=1, otherwise not set.

{char 3}

User ID of processor.

Reason: To provide improved audit information.

Left empty.


Datetime of server when transfer recorded

Reason: To provide improved audit information.

Set to TRADATE 00:00:00 on upgrade.

{char 4)

Work centre Department code at the time of recording.

Reason: To provide historic analysis of work history by Department, which can change since the history was recorded.

Set to current Work Centre Department (WKCDEPT) at the time of upgrade.

{number 2dp}

Work centre capacity at the time in decimal hours of recording (WKCQTY*WKCTIME).

Reason: To provide historic capacity performance analysis using work history. Work Center capacity can change over time. The historic capacity may not be the same now as it was when the work history was recorded.

Set to current Work Centre capacity (WKCQTY*WKCTIME) at the time of upgrade.

{number 2dp}

Work centre departmental capacity in decimal hours at the time of recording.

Reason: To provide historic capacity performance analysis using work history. Work Center Departmental capacity can change over time. The historic capacity may not be the same now as it was when the work history was recorded.

Set to current Work Centre Departmental capacity (sum of WKCQTY*WKCTIME for all work centres with the same WKCDEPT code) at the time of upgrade.


Planned completion date on the WO at the time of completion.

Reason: To provide historic performance analysis based on the planned WO competion date at the time the history was created.

In order, the following is used:

1. If WO is at the time of upgrade still incomplete, set to WKOCDAT.

2. Else if there exists an Inventory History record of the last receipt from the WO, set to the date in STHDATT.

3. Else for all others left unset, set to the last WO history date for that WO.

What Menu Items are New?

Menu path


File — Print Stored Report

Opens the Print Stored Report window to be able to print a previously stored report.

File — Report Destinations — Stored

Allows selection of the new Stored print destination when an internal image of a printed report is stored in the main database. For help on this new feature please see Print Stored Report.

File — Advanced — Stored Reports Maintenance

Enables you to delete and modify stored reports. See the Stored Report Maintenance help.

Options Added

The following options have been added. For a full listing see the Program Options Listing window topic.





T, S, Sy, U

Two strings seperated by a comma. These will be used to set the Document Ref. and Comment of the payment transaction. Use the token % to imbed the original transaction document reference.



Set to 1 will disable the No Invoice on Dispatch checkbox on Sales Order Maintenance. This will NOT prevent it being inheritted from the customer’s default, this option in-effect enforces it.

Feature Enhancements

Feature enhancements up to F00618 were released in maintenance updates to V5.0408. F0619 was released in V5.1000.

F0503 to F0513 V5.00xx to V5.04xx Maintenance Released Features

Please refer to http://www.caliach.com/caliach/support/newfeatures/f50000.xml for details on these enhancements.

F0619 Stored report destination added

A new Report Destination has been added. Reports sent to Storage are printed to an internal binary format and then saved into the main database. These Storage reports can then be printed to a normal destination on future occasions by any users with appropriate privileges. The report is saved in a compressed binary format in a new REPFILE table under a name and subject with user and group privileges and extra information associated with emails, such that an email can be subsequently sent. They are then available from File — Print Stored Report and can be eleted or corrected in File — Advanced — Stored Report Maintenance.

F0620 Windows can now resize large objects in a proportional manner when resized

Windows now can resize large objects (lists, multi-line entry coxes, etc) in a proportional manner rather than relying on a single edge-float property. The moving and resizing of objects when resizing a window typically use an edge-float property of the object that in turn relied on the operating system to perform the resizing or moving. This has it’s limitations when many large objects exist together on a window. For example, on the Text pane of the Part Maintenance window where there are 6 large text entry boxes, only the right 3 could expand horizontally and the bottom 2 expand vertically. The ideal is that all 6 expand in a similar way – for width movement by 50% each, and for height by 33.3% each. This proportional behavior does not use the edge-float property and operating system functionality. So as you resize the window with the mouse, the objects do not progressively move. When you finish the resize by releasing the mouse, the objects snap to their new proportional position and size.

F0621 More expansive OK message window for Server error messages

A new re-sizable windows is used for SQL server messages. Such messages can contain more text than can be displayed in a normal OK message. With some server engines the messages can point to statement syntax errors, which needs a monospaced font for that to be useful. Hence the window contains a font switch button.

F0622 Team Calendar display modes added

Team Calendar window display has new display modes. Day, Week and Fortnight views can be in List mode alternatives. Month view has a Digest alternative. There is a new Year Digest view.

F0623 Ledger transactions now have server created datetime and cleared datetime

Ledger transactions now have a created datetime column set by the server. This is separate from the Date column that can be set appropriate to various accounting requirements. In addition there is now a cleared datetime and cleared user Id column so the chronology of allocation and bank reconciliation is recorded. This enables more consistent reports to be produced that can be accurately compared to Bank Statements.

F0624 Additional columns added to improve historical analysis

Additional columns have been added to a number of tables to make historic analysis easier and with better performance. In inventory history the STHDATE and STHTIME have been obsoleted in favor of STHDATT datetime. Work History has had 4 new columns added to allow improvements to KPIs: WOHDEPT records the work centre department. WOHWKCC records the work centre capacity at the time. WOHDEPC records the work centre’s departmental capacity. WOHPCDA record the WO’s planned completion date. Stock Transfers have an added User Id column for audit purposes. Purchase history has an additional PUHPODT column which is loaded with the Purchase Order date. Period Log has an added column holding the process time in seconds. A Program file path for Mac platform column has been added to Link Types.

F0625 optSODisableSohninv to disable the No Invoice checkbox added

A system-level option has been added: optSODisableSohninv Set to 1 will disable the No Invoice on Dispatch checkbox on Sales Order Maintenance. This will NOT prevent it being inheritted from the customer’s default, this option in-effect enforces it.

F0626 Company Details and System Preferences single-user save reduced

Data changes in Company Details, System Preferences and Ledgers Control Settings that need single-user to save have been minimised. Most changes can be saved normally.

F0627 Change All Component Quantities advanced special function accepts drag-and-drop

Change All Component Quantities by a Factor can now be driven by drag-and-drop of multiple parts from the Parts ScratchPad or BoM Listing windows.

F0628 Users are now warned of excessive LogoffDump…txt files.

Users are now warned when 5 or more LogoffDump… files accumulate, with an auto-delete option. The process is performed when closing the About Caliach Vision window.

F0629 Headed List column justifications was been moved into the lists themselves

The column justification (left, right or centre) was controlled along with user changed characteristics such as column widths inside user settings, despite the user having no control over justification. This was a historic anomaly and could lead to column justification being lost and it added complication if columns were added in updates. Column justifications are now set explicitly in a $SetListColAlign method run by the universal window superclass.

F0630 Expired User Token cleansing has been subtly changed to assist forced re-login

Before this change, on user logon all current user tokens were expired, they would all be deleted. This recovery mechanism had the effect in some sites, especially with few users, that it was common for an idle user to have to re-logon especially at times of low activity. The problem is to balance off the interests of post-server-crash recovery and the convenience of users in low-activity circumstances. Some subtle changes have been made. Now, when finding all tokens idle, first any idle tokens with the same user ID will be removed. Then, other idle tokens are only deleted if there are at least 50% of the licensed user. This limits the clean-out in particular in small sites. This does mean, however, that it is possible for dead (very idle) tokens can persist in an untidy way. So there is one addition to the File — System Manager — Monitor window, which identifies idle tokens of more than 6 hours and offers you the opportunity to clear them.

F0631 Option optAcApPayNowTexts added to set AP payments reference and comments

Option added to set the values of document reference and comment on the Pay Now payment transaction. Set option optAcApPayNowTexts to two strings seperated by a comma. These will be used to set the Document Ref. and Comment of the payment transaction. Use the token % to imbed the original transaction document reference.

Caliach Vision V5.1000 Vital Statistics

Windows 626
Menus 82
Reports 401
Tables 144
Toolbars 13
All Classes 1,611
Menu Line Functions 782
Push Button Functions 2,642
Library Bytes Used 32,758,784
Library Methods 44,072
Library Method Lines 430,047
Literal Texts 30,726
Strings 6,770
Help Folders 49
Help Page Files 764
Help Graphic Files 1,480
Help Topics 706
Help Links 6,376
Help English Index Words 10,273
Translated languages supported 10
Translation master english texts 75,416
Translation language texts 714,399

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 25 Oct 2017 04:30:08.00. No class.

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