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Introduction: What is New in Version 3.10

What is New in Version 3.10

Caliach Vision V3.10 operates with Omnis Studio V4.3 or greater.

The following relates to changes made since V3.0000.

Summary of adjustments you may want to make to your converted data

File — System Manager — Privileges and Settings

Menus items that have been added are:

  1. File — Team Calendar
  2. File — System Manager — Team Calendar
  3. Process — Dispatch — Review Sales History
  4. Ledgers — Accounts Payable — Debit Note to Supplier

Window Tab Panes that have been added are:

  1. Sales Order or Quotation Details
  2. Purchase Order or RFQ Details
Fields you may want to populate
  1. G/L Report Layout
    1. Do not print subtotal heading or when zero value flag
  2. Team Calendar Event Notices
  3. Team Calendar Event Resource Links
  4. Team Calendar Event Resources
  5. Team Calendar Event Types
  6. Team Calendar Events
Options Added

The following options have been added. For a full listing see the Program Options Listing window topic.






If set to 1, Bill of Materials quntity for a component can be zero.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1 and you have Ledgers licensed, PO line item maintenance Additional tab pane will list all cost centres for the account group selected.



If set to 1, after a SO is marked as printed, the invoice address and contact will change to any INV link setup. Resetting the printed flag will set them to SO link, if any.



If set to 1, on a SO return, a RMA-NNNNNN part will be duplicated from part entered in PTMUSE3 and added to new backordered SO. Can be switched off in Complex Return window. If set to 2, default No Credit Note and item backordered will have zero price. See Returns from Dispatched Sales Complex Options.



The file path for the Bank Cheques BACS export. The directory path must exist. The file will be created or overwritten. Otherwise the user will be prompted as normal.



The default BACS export payment days from today in working days based on the Buy Calendar.


T, S, Sy, U

A comma separated list of Report Destinations to which documents will be printed individually. Normally, multiple document (such as Invoices) print runs are a single output. However, for some report destinations, such as Email, this may be inappropriate and documents need to be printed individually. Without this option HTML, PDF, Email destinations force individual printing.


T, S, Sy, U

A comma separated list of Report Destinations to which documents are flagged as printed when printed to those destinations. This applies to SOs, Invoices, POs, WO Pick Lists and WOs. optSOPrintMarkAll, optInvPrintMarkAll, optPOPrintMarkAll, optWOPickPrintMarkAll and optWOPrintMarkAll options respectively override this option. If this option is not used the default marking report destinations are Printer and Email only.

Feature Enhancements

Feature enhancements up to F0389 were released in maintenance updates to V3.0000. F0390 onwards were released in V3.1000.

F0361 Mass delete of POs, Jobs, SOs and WOs

A context menu item has been added to PO, Jobs, SO and WO list windows that permits the deletions of selected orders. See Jobs and Estimates List, Purchase Orders and RFQs List, Sales Orders and Quotations List and Work Order List.

F0362 G/L Bank Accounts – allow date change in list

It is now possible to click-hover edit the transaction date of bank transactions to aid bank reconciliation. See Bank Account Review and Reconciliation.

F0363 Bill of Materials system option optBomZeroQty added

A system option has been added to permit zero BoM quantity entry. optBomZeroQty, if set to 1 will permit this, however the ramifications cannot be guaranteed. Warning! Only use with great trepidation! See Bills of Material Maintenance.

F0364 PO non-part/non-stock line items can have negative cost

It is now permitted to have a negative price on a PO for line items that are either non-part or are non-stock parts. This permits supplier bulk discounts. See Purchase Order Line Item Maintenance.

F0365 AP Review Overdue Payments – posting period selection added

The posting period and date has been added to provide more control when payments are made through the overdue payments window. See Overdue Supplier Accounts.

F0366 PO maintenance can optionally provide cost centre list

A user level option has been added to control the provision of a cost centre list beside the G/L charging account. if optPOShowCostCtrList is set to 1, a dropdown list will be shown. The list will contain all cost centres available for the account group selected. See Purchase Order Line Item Maintenance.

F0367 Move Work Order Dates chart improved

The WO graphical chart has been provided with a fixed axis to improve scroll visualisation. See Re-arrange Work Order Dates.

F0368 PO and WO batch creation listings now have print reports

Batch/Location creation listings after PO and WO receipts now have printed reports making customised label reports possible from rWoBatches and rPoBatches. See Batches Created and New Batches Created.

F0369 Dispatch Potential now has customer option

Sales Order Dispatch Potential options now include all quotes and orders for a specific customer. See Sales Dispatch Potential Options.

F0370 GL Sales Tax detail report to show contra option

An option when printing the GL Sales Tax details report is now provided to show contra account/journal details. See Sales Tax Analysis Results.

F0371 Sales delivery potential list indication of quotations

The window listing now shows whether the items is on an order or quotation. See Sales Dispatch Potential.

F0372 Warning of Job Invoicing when foreign currency

An additional message is provided when invoicing a foreign currency Job so that the local value of tax can be seen. This is to conform to tax authority regulations. See Job Invoicing and Crediting.

F0373 Parent disassembly custom feature option added

An Custom Feature class has been added that can be used to issue from stock a quantity of an assembly and return its components. The class can be added as a Custom Feature and is named wOptAssyExplode. It will not operate on parts that are multi-location or batch tracked or those involving serial number assignments at a work order level. See Assembly Component Recovery.

F0374 Option to switch SO invoice address after printing

A system-level option optAdlSoInvPrint has been added. If set to 1, after a SO is marked as printed, the invoice address and contact will change to any INV link setup. Resetting the printed flag will set them to SO link, if any. The logic means that if you have an Individual Invoice address, you will loose that on printing the SO if you have this option set AND there is an “Invoice (Invoice on A/R)” document link set. If you have a “Sales Order (Invoice on SO)” link set for the customer, the address/contact will be reset if the SO printed flag is reset. You can very easily watch the logic if you have a SO (maintenance or review) open for a customer where you have the two document links set up, and then double-click on the Printed/Not Printed box on the SO selection dialog. See Sales Order Maintenance – Addresses Tab.

F0375 Calculator context menu now has Copy Value

The numeric and date calculator context menus now have a “Copy Value” item. When operated the data in the field clicked on will be copied to the clipboard. See Calculator Context Menu and Date Calculator Context Menu.

F0376 Ledgers Audit additional feature to test history integrity

Addition of a History Integrity function under Analysis Tools on the Reports and Analysis tab pane of Audit Trail. The function tests the integrity of G/L history values against available transaction data and reports inconsistencies. See G/L Account History Validation Testing.

F0377 Print period activity log now has date selection

Print report selection can now include a ‘from’ date. See Period Log Report.

F0378 RMA Duplicate Part option optSOReturnRMA added

optSOReturnRMA system option has been added: If set to 1, on a SO return, a RMA-NNNNNN part will be duplicated from the part number entered in PTMUSE3 and added to the backordered SO. This can be individually switched off in the Complex Return window. See Returns from Dispatched Sales Complex Options.

F0379 Permit exchange rate change for foreign currency A/P and A/R payments

During an A/P or A/R payment, if a foreign currency bank is selected the exchange rate field is normally disabled when the Pay Selected option is chosen. Now, if you double-click on the exchange rate field, you can edit the exchange rate value. See Payment and Receipt for AR and AP.

F0380 Work Order list now contains latest start date column

The Work Order listing window, available from the Print/Select WO dialog, now contains a column for the latest start date so that printing work orders can now be printed in latest start date order. See Work Order List.

F0381 Job Issue and O/W processing – allow auto selection on location requirement

Previously, the part field PTMASTO is only respected in work order issue. This field is now respected in both jobs and O/W Assy PO issue. See Location and Batch Assignment.

F0382 PDF output reports with background image

Using V2 of PDFDevice.dll it is now possible to have background graphic images applied to reports when printing to PDF. This is implemented on a default basis under the PDF report destination settings and now also to individual report classes under File — Advanced — Report Setups. See a Knowledge Base article in the General section entitled Printing to PDF or Email with Background Image. See PDF Advanced Options.

F0383 G/L Bank Account window list context menu function added

The bank account window list context menu now has an additional function of “All Bank Cleared Balances…” which provides a summary of all bank and cash accounts. See Bank Account Review and Reconciliation.

F0384 Overdue Supplier Accounts – select by banking details

A selection has been provided to restrict suppliers for payment in the Overdue Supplier Accounts window to those with bank details only, for bulk payment and subsequent export to BACS. This uses the existence of both a sort code and account number in the supplier record. See Overdue Date Limit.

F0385 BACS Bank Payment export enhancements

BACS export enhancements added: 1. The bank account field is no populated by default from the G/L Account. It takes it as anything following a # character. optAcBacsExPath terminal option has been added to provide an automatic destination for the exported file, if a valid path. See Bank BACS Payment Export.

F0386 Document printing custom capability for continuous print without order page breaks

It was not possible before to provide a custom SO/Quote/Picklist document that did not explicitly page break after each order when printing multiple orders. Now you can, and also for PO/RFQs, Jobs and Estimates, Invoices and WOs. See Print Picking Lists on the Process — Dispatch menu for details.

F0387 Extension of oCustom1.$SolptnoFinal custom method to drag-and-drop

Before the oCustom1.$SolptnoFinal custom hook was only called when parts were entered for a SO line item within the part field. It has been extended so that it also runs when a Part ScratchPad double-click changes a part and when parts items are added using drag-and-drop from the Parts ScratchPad or BoM Listing window including multiple selections. This permits the use of a modal window to provide customised configuration and pricing. A special method has been added to refresh values, etc.
Do $iwindows.wSoMaint.$objs.Tab.$objs.LineItems.$UpdateListLines(kFalse)

F0388 BACS Bank Payment export enhancements

BACS export enhancements added: Pay on date field added. The default is affected by optAcBacsPayDays and the Buy Calendar. This is needed only by Hexagon. See Bank BACS Payment Export.

F0389 New oCustom1 method to tweak sales order line price

oCustom1.$AfterSoAutoPriceCalc method has been added to provide for customisation that may adjust sales price or discount after normal computation of part price. See the Sales Order Line Item Maintenance topic.

Other Features Added only to V3.1

F0390 No printing of G/L report line flag

A new flag has been added to G/L Financial Statement report lines, RBPNOHD. If checked, the heading will not print, only the subtotal will. If it is checked against an accumulating value line, the line will be omitted when all the values are zero. See General Ledger Report Structure Maintenance.

F0391 New part field for individual receiving overhead rate

A new field has been added to parts, PTMROVR. This can be used to override the global default receiving overhead rates set in Company Details when non-zero. If it is set to a negative value, a zero receiving overhead rate is applied. See Part Maintenance. It can be also set in Global Changes.

F0392 Drill-down to Non-Conformance Reports from part multi-location listing

Double-click drill-down in Stock Location lists will open the Non-Conformance Reports if any are available. See Part Maintenance, Stock Location Maintenance, Batches Created and New Batches Created windows.

F0393 New Workflow Check and Trigger for Stock Locations falling below minimum quantity

A new Workflow Alert Check has been added for Stock Locations below re-order level. See Workflow Alert Checks Maintenance. Also a Workflow Trigger has been added which is fired if a stock location falls below re-order level. See Workflow Trigger Alert Maintenance.

F0394 New Report Destination control options added

Two new options have been added. optRepDestIndivid which overrides the default HTML, PDF and Email destinations for which multiple documents are printed individually rather than as a single print run. optRepDestMarkDocs which overrides the default Printer and Email destinations for which documents will be marked as printed, where such features exist. See New Options above for details.

F0395 Default file names for Printed Documents

When printing a document that can be named to a file using the following report destinations, by default and named file will be presented or the default file suffix appropriate to the destination: Disk (.rep), File (.txt), HTML (), Rich Text (.rtf) and Acrobat PDF (.pdf). Named documents are now also named in the Printer Print Queue (without suffix) and shown on the Preview and Screen windows, and if saved from there will have default file names. The naming convention for documents is as previously applied to email attachment files.

F0396 Goods receiving window now indicates QA Testing

An icon has been added to the Goods Receipt from Purchase Order window to indicate line items that will require QA testing.

F0397 Job Invoicing now permits a zero value invoice

The Job Invoicing window now permits the production of a zero value general invoice. This may be useful when wishing to document some stage in a job or when the job is undertaken free of cost to the customer.

F0398 Create memo set for selected

A new list context-sensitive menu item has been added to apply a Credit Memo Set to a selected group of transactions. It applies to the Account Review subwindow, used in many places, and the Overdue Sales Invoice List window.

F0399 Address and Contact drag-and-drop copy

You can now drag-and-drop copy an Address with all Contacts or just a single Contact from one master Maintenance window to another. For details see a sub-topic in Address Maintenance Subwindow.

F0400 PO and SO Review now has history listed

History has been added to the Review Sales Order or Quotation and Review Purchase Order or RFQ windows.

F0401 Sales History Reviews now have markup/margin shown

Current and standard cost markup/margins are now shown on sales history reviews on the Review Sales Order or Quotation and Sales History List windows.

F0402 Sales History Review new Dispatch menu function and data selection methods

A new Process — Dispatch — Review Sales History menu function has been added to open the Sales History List window without the need for a drill-down. After opening the window, it can be populated from the Customer, Parts and G/L ScratchPads both for individual master records and multiple using Transfer or drag-and-drop. Additionally the Ledgers — General Ledger — Review Account List can be used to populate the sales history list.

F0403 General Ledger account review list can be used in a similar manner to the G/L ScratchPad

The General Ledger List two lists can be used in a similar manner to the G/L ScratchPad. You can individually drag lines and drop them on G/L account code entry fields. As a special case dragging multiple lines from the lists onto the Sales History List will provide history covering all selected lines over appropriate date ranges.

F0404 A/P Debit Note Capability

A new feature has been added, accessed by Ledgers — Accounts Payable — Debit Note to Supplier. To create a Debit Note and return goods from stock to a Supplier. See the Debit Note to Supplier topic.

F0405 Team Calendar

The Team Calendar feature of Caliach Vision provides for the multi-user management of planned events. It can be used to schedule meetings and commitments and avoid conflicts in the use of resources, both human and abstract. See Team Calendar.

F0406 Planning Alias and Byproduct added to Parts Global Changes

Planning Alias and Byproduct Part has been added to Parts Global Changes.

F0407 Environment controls added and some standard fonts have been changed

There is now a property of the Window Background Scheme Element which can control whether messages and dialogue boxes open as Sheets on the top window. This only works for MacOSX. In addition, for MacOSX there is the addition of an Alpha setting for all windows which controls transparency (have fun with this one!). Also, for all platforms, lists now can have their heading a different point size to the list lines. There have also been a number of font changes, as follows:

  • MS Windows – window fonts
    • No 5 has changed from Helvetica to Omnis Window System
  • MS Windows – report fonts
    • No 4 has changed from MS Sans Serif to Verdana
  • MacOSX – window fonts
    • No 4 has changed from Arial to Gill Sans
    • No 5 has changed from Chicago to Charcoal CY

F0408 Location of Help files has changed

Due to a long overdue enhancement in Omnis Studio V4.3.1 the help files can now be located outside the Omnis Studio installation. They are now located in the Caliach Vision directory tree under c:VisionHelpvision under MS Windows as standard and MyDrive:Applications:Caliach Vision:Help:vision under MacOSX. You can also have the Help directory alongside your datafile for operation across the network and reduced maintenance. The system will load help from the datafile Help directory in preference to any local Help directory. There is no longer need for a separate help-only installer.

F0409 The Strings file now have update version control

In the past, during ProdCode.usa or .upt update, if changed or new Strings were included in the update, they were always updated. When the Extras directory is server based, multiple user updates would lead to the Strings.stb file being repeatedly updated with the same changes of new strings. There is now an UpdateUPT and UpdateUSA string that holds the respective update date/time stamp and the String file will only be now be updated once per unique update.

F0410 PDF output reports with encryption security

Using V2 of PDFDevice.dll it is now possible to have owner and/or user passwords. This causes the PDF document to be encrypted and an array of defined permissions set. See PDF Advanced Options – Security for details.

Caliach Vision V3.1000 Vital Statistics

Windows 576
Menus 73
Reports 377
Files 122
Toolbars 11
All Classes 1,469
Menu Lines Functions 695
Push Button Functions 2,363
Library Bytes 21,821,440
Library Methods 36,476
Library Method Lines 344,688
Literal Texts 29,015
Strings 5,790
Help Folders 45
Help Page Files 694
Help Graphic Files 1,231
Help Topics 647
Help Links 5,637
Help Index Words 9,046
Ref. Book A4 Pages 1,690
Ref. Book Letter Pages 1,790

See also: –

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Feb 2013 12:53:00.00. No class.

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