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Introduction: What is New in Version 4.00

What is New in Version 4.00

Caliach Vision V4.00 operates with Omnis Studio V5.2.2 or greater.

The following relates to changes made since V4.0000.

New Installers

Caliach have introduced a new installer from BitRock and a new resulting file structure that integrates Omnis Studio into the Caliach Vision folder structure so that just one location on your computer contains all files related to Caliach Vision operation. For Microsoft Windows Vista, Server 2008 and 7, this breaks the convention of placing executable files in the Program Files folder of the C drive and the subsequent security enforcement of UAC. However, it is Caliach’s view that this breach is well worth it for the convenience and of a simple, compact, self-contained and integrated structure.

There are in all 6 installers. A full and demonstration version of each of our supported platforms, Windows, MacOSX and Linux. The Demonstration edition contains pre-licensed Caliach Vision and Omnis Studio Runtime. The Full edition contains a full set of Caliach Vision files and both Omnis Studio Runtime and Design programs with user control to include the Design program, typically only needed by the system manager.

Unlike in the past the installer by default names the folder containing the installation with the version number, so the full version will go to C:CaliachVision-4.00. If that already exists files within it will always be overwritten. Extra files you have created such as Archive files will still remain but if you have archive or custom files from an older version, it is left to you to copy them to the new folder structure from the old one.

Summary of adjustments you may want to make to your converted data

File — System Manager — Privileges and Settings

Menus items that have been added are:

  1. File — System Manager — Graphs (Second Generation)
  2. File — System Manager — Data Views Design
  3. File — System Manager — Key Perfornce Indicators
  4. File — Advanced — Language Swap Maintenance by File
  5. Masters — Process Routes — Update Operation Times from History
  6. Process — Purchase Orders — Create KanBan Orders
  7. ScratchPads — Address and Contact Keyword
  8. ScratchPads — Translate for Language Swap
  9. User menu structure of custom feature entries

Window Tab Panes that have been added are:

  1. System Performance
Fields you may want to populate
  1. File — System Manager — Privileges and Settins: Users
    • No Login
  2. File — System Manager — Company Details: Localisation
    • Base language code and name
    • Language Swap languages
    • Extreme character Unicode (hex)
  3. Ledgers — Ledger Manager — Company Details: Data Control
    • Periods of Data Retention: Archive file prefix
  4. Masters — Customers
    • Language
  5. Masters — Suppliers
    • Language
  6. Masters — Marketing
    • Language
Options Added

The following options have been added. For a full listing see the Program Options Listing window topic.






If set to 1, non-approved credit memos on A/P debit transactions will not be included in pay selected and a warning will be given if allocated. If set to 2, allocation will be prevented.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1, the listing in the Address Select window will contain sparse information but will be faster to build. Suitable where master records may have hundreds of addresses.



If set to 1, 2, or 3 negative BoM Component Quantities will be permitted. 1 = permit but ignore net negatives. 2 = permit and message net negatives, 3 = permit and auto-adjust net negatives.

For details on the use of this option see the end of Bills of Material Maintenance topic.



Language Swap blocked users and groups. Language code=User,Group list;… list of languages and users or groups blocked from using them. Applies also to Administrators. If no language code is set block applies to all languages. e.g. fr=AA,GM;th=AA,Sales

See Introduction to the Language Swap System for more details.


T, S, Sy, U

The option value should be the name of a custom window, which is case-sensitive. When holding down the Ctrl key, this custom window will replace the normal generic Confirm Linked File dialogue to enable alternative link entry.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1, the creator user ID is not updated to the current user when an RFQ is converted to a quote. Set this to manage PO authorisation using RFQ preparation.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1, any supplier comments are shown when creating a new PO. If set to START,END where START and END are alphanumeric string markers anything contained between the markers in the comments are shown. START and END are both optional.



If set to 1, part individual overhead will be a value rather than a percent rate. If zero the system default rate will apply.



Set to 1 if QA Part Regimes inherit phantom component QA regimes multi-level.

For details on the use of this option see the end of Part Quality Assurance Regime Maintenance topic.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1, a check is made for SOs and Jobs that the customer reference is unique for that customer in current open documents. If not a warning is given. If set to 2, dispatched sales history is also tested.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1 will cause the line item description entry field to be permanently disabled for the user (to force use of a custom text configurator).


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1, the warning message presented when a non-stock type part is added to a SO or Job will be suppressed.


T, S, Sy, U

If set to 1, any customer comments are shown when creating a new SO or Job. If set to START,END where START and END are alphanumeric string markers anything contained between the markers in the comments are shown. START and END are both optional.



A comma separated row of default trade terms for a dispatch SAHDEL,SAHTRAN,SAHTRM,SAHORIG. If the country is omitted your country is applied. Typically 1,10,3,



A comma separated row of default trade terms for a return SAHDEL,SAHTRAN,SAHTRM,SAHORIG. If the country is omitted your country is applied. Typically 3,26,3,


T, S, Sy, U

Set to a non-zero % of physical for which a stock control activity and stocktake result triggers a user warning. If physical is 1 or less any quantity will trigger the warning.



Used to enable a Scrap and Rework tab pane on the Stock Control window. It takes 3 parameters separated by commas: MAIN,SCRAP,REWORK. MAIN is optional. SCRAP is the doc. ref. and REWORK a location. For details see the Stock Control Activities window help.



Set to 1 if you want window position/size and list configurations stored in the user settings, and re-read when user logs in. Useful for server-loaded running Vision, such as some Mac server configurations.

Feature Enhancements

Feature enhancements up to F0410 were released in maintenance updates to V3.1000. F0411 to F0487 were released in V3.10xx maintenance releases. F0488 onwards were released in V4.0000.

F0411 to F0487 V3.10xx Maintenance Released Features

Please refer to http://www.caliach.com/caliach/support/newfeatures/f31100.xml for details on these enhancements.

F0488 Full Support for Unicode

Caliach Vision V4 with Omnis Studio V5.2.2 for the first time fully supports Unicode both in the program and data. See the Unicode topic. This may effect your Keyword Search if you use special characters in your data, if so see also the Keyword System Settings topic. Extreme character control have been added to File — System Manager — Company Details, Localisation tab pane: MCDXUNI. Due to the introduction of Unicode all the use of National character fields has been deprecated and now all Character fields are kSimplechar subtype.

F0489 Mobile Device and Web Custom Extensions

With the introduction of Omnis Studio V5.2.2 you can now build all manner of mobile and web apps that can extend Caliach Vision outside the limitations of a local office network or VPN operation. Apps can be designed for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones and tablets and Windows Mobile smartphones. The release of Omnis JavaScript Client, available as part of Omnis Studio means that one development can be used to support all these platforms. Caliach Vision does not contain any implementation of this as it is seen as too specific to a site and requires a specific type of infrastructure that most users would not have. However, while this item is not really a New Feature, it does extend the possibilities for some customers. To implement such a Custom Feature you would need:

  • Specify an application design that needs mobile or web interactive connection to your Caliach Vision data and determine what target client platforms you want supported.
  • Program the app using Omnis JavaScript Client remote forms, menus and tasks.
  • Have a web server permanently connected to the Internet.
  • Install and license Omnis Studio Web Server edition with an appropriate number of licensed users.

F0490 Integrated Engineering Text into Engineering Data

To rationalise a legacy anomaly in the datafile structure the Engineering Data Text file has been obsoleted and the Engineering Data record now contains the text previously held in the Engineering Data Text file. Conversion takes place automatically. However, legacy customised documents will need to be updated to reflect this, if they are to work in V4 and later. To fix: Change field ENTFILE.ENTTEXT to ENGFILE.ENGTEXT, then set it’s $nosecifempty=kTrue and delete the field ENTFILE.ENTSEQ. In WO documents change the ENTFILE.ENTTEXT field dataname to ENGFILE.ENGTEXT.

F0491 Some Menu Shortcut Keys have Changed

Three menu shortcut keys have changed to accommodate MacOSX use of Ctrl+W. Help – Window Tooltips is now Ctrl+T, Process – Capacity Planning – Show WC Make-to List is now Ctrl+A, and Process – Job Processing – Return Inventory from Job has no shortcut key.

F0492 Method Performance Analysis

Method Performance Analysis feature has been added to File – System Manager – System Timing Test. This allows method performance measurements for program operations. For details see the Method Performance Analysis topic.

F0493 Allow Copy Property for Read Fields

The AllowCopy property has been added to Schemes for Read Fields and Combo Boxes. If switched on, it allows you to select data in read-only fields and copy your selection to the clipboard. By default the Schemes have this property on.

F0494 Vertically Aligned Text on all Windows

A new capability of aligning labels and fields has been implemented to keep texts in line when a style contains different font sizes. It also improves cross-platform appearance consistency. Incorporates the new $vertcentertext property.

F0495 Archive File Prefix added for Ledgers

The field MCDAPRE has been added to Ledgers – Ledger Manager – Control Settings, Data Control tab pane in the Periods of Data Retention group. The Archive file prefix is used to differentiate ledger archive files from one data file to another when multiple-companies use different datafiles.

F0496 Improved File Filter Control for Open/Save Files

Added a new centralised system for setting file filters on open/save file dialogues to handle better the special requirements of MacOSX file types and suffixes. Use of oTerminal.$GetFilter(pType) to set the file filter sting parameter on all platforms in all locations where open/save file dialogues.

F0497 Language Swap Translation of Data

Language Swap feature has been implemented that adds the <datafile>.lng datafile. For ODB there is a new LangName parameter in optODBDatafile terminal options. A Language Swap Maintenance by File line has been added to the Advanced menu. A Translate for Language Swap line has been added to ScratchPad menu that operates on appropriate windows. These two menu lines controls access to Language Swap maintenance. Master maintenance windows have had icon buttons added to invoke Language Swap maintenance. A new system option optLangSwapBlockUsers has been added to control access to languages in the new Language Swap droplist on main toolbar. For a full explanation of the Language Swap system see the Introduction to the Language Swap System topic.

Language Code fields have been added to Marketing, Customers and Suppliers: DEALANG, CUSLANG, SUPLANG. Language Swap controls have been added to File — System Manager — Company Details, Localisation tab pane: MCDLANL, MCDLANN, MCDSWAP and MCDXUNI.

F0498 Data Views

Data Views is a method of encapsulating a data collection design for a graph, list or report. They can have stored results that can be called up for comparisons. Data View designs are stored and can be downloaded from www.caliach.com. For a full explanation of the Data Views see the Introduction to the Data Views topic.

F0499 Graphs 2 (second generation graphs and meters)

A Graphs 2 design environment has been added to design complex graphs with Data View data collection. Graph 2 designs are stored and can be called up on reports and windows and they can be downloaded from www.caliach.com. For a full explanation of the Graphs 2 see the Introduction to the Graphs 2 topic. See below for Known Issues in V4.0000 and Omnis Studio V5.2.2 concerning Graphs 2.

F0500 Key Performance Indicators

A Key Performance Indicators (KBI) feature has been added to exploit Graphs and Data View to display to users on a regular basis. KPIs can be viewed collectively on a single window or individually. For more details see the Key Performance Indicator Maintenance topic.

F0501 Marketing Letters can have Graphic Signature Imbedded

A new report class named rMarketLetterSig can be used for Standard Letters that, when printed, contain a contain graphic image of a scanned signature. For details see the end section of Standard Letter Text Maintenance window help.

Effect of Upgrade on Customisation

Due to the migration to Unicode and some subtle changes in Omnis 5.5 it is recommended for full compliance with Unicode the following changes should be made to your customisation having copied your custom classes into the V4.00 OpenVision.lbs and before deployment:

  1. In the design browser right-click on the OpenVision library in the Folders tree, and operate Check…. This will rebuild method indexes and improve subsequent performance.
  2. Using Edit — Find and Replace to change the following: chr(13) to kCr, chr(9) to kTab, chr(10) to kLf, chr(1) to unichr(32), for chr(asc(value,len(value))+1) like constructs, chr( needs changing
    to unichr( and asc( to unicode(. Replace all asc( with unicode(.
  3. With any import of key values (such as part numbers, customer codes etc), good practice would demand the use of Calculate <value> as nfc(<value>) to ensure string canconical normalisation.
  4. Any references to ENTFILE and ENTTEXT should be resolved to ENGTEXT – common with custom Work Orders.
  5. Where you may want to exploit the new Language Swap feature custom reports should be modified to the standard outlined in the Introduction to the Language Swap System Reports section.

Known Issues in V4.0000 and Omnis Studio V5.2.2

The following issues are known to exist and should be resolved in a future release of Omnis Studio or Brainy Data software:

  • The current PDFDevice V2.62 does not handle Pseudo Fonts and some Unicode character. It displays them as control characters. Fonts supporting non-roman scripts are available and PDFDevice will support them, for example Arial Unicode MS, available from Microsoft.
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 HTML Control (Help Window) does not handle <br> tags correctly (ST/EC/1297), does not link to a named page reference (ST/EC/1291) or highlight words, as advertised (ST/EC/1292). It also does not resolve the &apos; entity (ST/HP/086) and Help Progect Manager does not interpret Unicode words and characters in words (ST/HP/085).
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 implementation of right-to-left script entry (e.g. Arabic) is problematic and subject to enhancement requests (ST/DB/790 and ST/HE/1075) so Caliach Vision’s implementation of this is pending.
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 fails to recognise the $cinst item reference for an Object that inherits a superclass. This did effect correct operation of the Graphs2 implementation but a work-around has been found (ST/NT/666).
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 does not correctly implement the $setlinearaxis method. This prevents label control of the axis (ST/GF/310 – Unresolved. Fault in chartdirector. Vendor Limitation).
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 $addcustomlabel() does not have a dataSet parameter. This prevents it’s full use (ST/GF/328)
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 $setlogscale(kG2axisX) does not work correctly. (ST/GF/328)
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 $formatvalue() does not work with a non-visual Graph2 object. (ST/GF/329)
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 $angularlabelson parameter can not be assigned correctly. (ST/GF/330)
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 $shadow is not documented correctly. (ST/GF/331)
  • Omnis Studio V5.2.2 Graphs 2 $slicemove() does not work with an end range. (ST/GF/332)

Caliach Vision V4.0000 Vital Statistics

Windows 611
Menus 81
Reports 387
Files 129
Toolbars 13
All Classes 1,544
Menu Lines Functions 755
Push Button Functions 2,564
Library Bytes 27,801,600
Library Methods 39,483
Library Method Lines 380,584
Literal Texts 30,042
Strings 6,180
Help Folders 48
Help Page Files 739
Help Graphic Files 1,481
Help Topics 689
Help Links 6,178
Help Index Words 9,536
Ref. Book A4 Pages 1,549
Ref. Book Letter Pages 1,609

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Feb 2013 12:53:00.00. No class.

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