Parts: Parts Usage

Parts Usage

Parts Usage

This subwindow shows part usage and is used on many windows..

These are system generated fields that record the Period Usage of a part. Quantities for the last three periods are recorded. These fields can not be edited. You can roll-over the quantities either in the Period File Update window or at regular optional intervals at the time of a Ledgers A/R Month End (this must be set in the Account Manager Controls Maintenance window). Alternatively, you can populate their values over date ranges from Inventory History, which is done in the Period File Update window.

Double-click on any field to get a stock history listing.



Period 1 usage

Parts Master. Period 1 usage. {PTMFILE.PTMP1US number 3dp}

Period 2 usage

Parts Master. Period 2 usage. {PTMFILE.PTMP2US number 3dp}

Period 3 usage

Parts Master. Period 3 usage. {PTMFILE.PTMP3US number 3dp}

Total Periods

The total part usage quantity for all three periods.

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