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Company Details Maintenance – Money and Tax


In this tab you can enter system currency and tax details

File Path

File path File > System Manager > Company Details

This file path will take you to the Company Details Maintenance window. Select the Money and Tax tab.

This article is part of the Vision Setup Guide. Click Here to return to the Setup Guide.


System Currency Field


Here you can insert your system local currency eg. £ or €

Caliach Vision is a multi-currency system enabling you to create POs and SOs in any currency defined in Currencies. The symbol entered here is the local currency that you normally work in and the text is used in documents. Any Sales or Purchase record has the currency code (or symbol) written to it. If you change the standard currency symbol the system will warn you and, if confirmed, replace the old code on all records with the new one. This can take some considerable time if there are many histories and/or ledger transaction records.

WARNING – If the updating process is running, you MUST NOT INTERRUPT the processing, however long it takes. If you do, the Datafile must be discarded, and a backup used.

TIP – You can change your local currency to a new one. This special process does not just change the currency symbol but migrates all the appropriate values stored in the data to the new currency. For further details see the Local Currency Migration window.


Enter the decimal symbol for your local currency eg. p for penny or c for cent.

TIP – If you use the # (hash or pound) character as your currency decimal character the cent portion of an amount printed in words on documents such as sales orders, invoices and cheques is suppressed. This feature is provided for large scale currencies such as Rupees and Yen.

Full Name

Enter the name of the local currency you are using.

Sales and Purchase Tax Field

Tax Name

This is your abbreviated name for sales tax on invoices eg. TAX.

Registration Number

Enter your VAT registration number.

EORI Number

Enter your EORI Number.

Default Class and Customer Regime fields

Click here for the Tax Maintenance guide for full details of the tax handling system.

Part Sales Price Group Currencies

You can enter up to five currencies plus your local currency for parts pricing in this field. These must be pre-defined as currencies in the Currency Control window which can be accessed by clicking the Currency Maintenance button in this section. Click here for our Currency control guide.

When a SO is created in a foreign currency and that currency is one of these five and there is a non-zero price in the appropriate part currency price field, that price will be applied to the SO line item. Otherwise, the current currency exchange rate will be applied to the local price.

Currency Maintenance Button

Selecting this button will take you to the Currency Control window. Please click here for our Currency Control guide.

Sales Commission System Default field

Here you can enter the Non-part items class.

Non-parts Item Class

This field will contain your commission class for non-part items as set up in the Commissioned Sales Agents Maintenance window. This will be completed at a later date.

Commissioned Agents Maintenance button

Selecting this button will take you to the Commissioned Sales Agents Maintenance window. Click here for the Commissioned Sales Agents Maintenance guide.

This article is part of the Vision Setup Guide. Click Here to return to the Setup Guide.

Compiled in Program Version 6.00.

Class wCalendar (Make and Buy Calendar Maintenance) FP: File > System Manager > Calendars

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