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Introduction: What is New in Version 1.20

What is New in Version 1.20

Caliach Vision V1.20 operates with Omnis Studio V3.1 or greater.

New Sales and Purchase Tax System (F0111)

The simple VAT-based sales and purchase tax system has been replaced with a more sophisticated structure that accommodates both Value Added Tax systems and combinational tax systems, typically found in North America. The new system replaces the Zero Default Sales Tax flag in customers with a Tax Regime. Such regimes can contain a number of actual taxes. Parts retain a tax class field but this is now not limited to only 6 fixed classes. Each sales item contains both a tax regime and class and these combined determine the tax(es) payable to any number of tax authorities. Migration from earlier versions of the program automatically configures the new system for VAT working. Option optTaxListInCurrency has been added to control the currency of the tax breakdown list on documents. For more details of the new system see the Tax Maintenance window.

Commissioned Agents System (F0112)

A new system for automated sales commissions has been added. Customers and additional dispatch addresses can be set to a default list of commission agents and parts can be assigned commission classes. Sales Order, Job and Invoice items default to a filtered list of commission agents that will automatically be logged with records of commissions due based on a number of commission policy options. These can be automatically applied in the ledgers. For details of the commissioning agents system see the Commissioned Sales Agents Maintenance window and the Sales Commissions Review window topics. An option optCommissionLogCosts has been added to control the recording of sales line item costs.

Quick-Payment Date added (F0113)

Sales quick-payment discounts now can be set to a different number of days or date to that of the payment date.

Support Service added (F0114)

A program support service option has been added to the Company Details Maintenance window Others tab pane. This controls the source of program updates via the Internet and the support email address for Feature Enhancements and Fault reports.

Part Description Option added (F0115)

An Option optPartDescSubField has been added that enables the part description to be an alternative part field when shown on certain particular windows.

Other Minor Enhancements (F0116-7)

Other minor enhancements have been made and can be listed in File — Advanced — Feature Suggestions and Faults function with the latest WishBugs.bug data file in your Custom directory.

Currency A/P and A/R Outstanding Analysis added (F0118)

An analysis feature has been added to the Currency Control window. The new function is only available if you have the Ledgers license option.

Customer Sales Forecasting has been added (F0119)

An alternative approach to the parts-based forecasting has been introduced. This approach allows you to forecast by customer. For more details see the Customer Sales Forecast window.

A report Document Numbers style has been added (F0120)

Standard document reports now have a separate style for the document number. This is now available as part of the Environment Designer window capabilities.

Job Bookings reporting function has been added (F0121)

Job Booking reports are now available from the Process — Job Processing menu. The function opens the Job Booking Reports window.

Show System Focus setting has been added (F0122)

This applies only for Macintosh (OS9 and 10) users. It provides control over object focus rectangles. The setting is controlled by the Settings Maintenance Subwindow when at a user level.

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