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Introduction: What is New in Version 1.10

What is New in Version 1.10

Caliach Vision V1.10 operate with Omnis Studio V3.1 or greater.

Part Current Cost Logging (F0059)

There is a new system preference under the Parts tab pane of “Log changes to part current costs”. This turns on and off logging of part current costs. You can view and report from the log records from the Part Maintenance window Costs tab pane. The Part Costs History Log Listing window will then open and from there you can open the Part Current Costs Log Report Selection window. The system uses a new PTCFILE file class. Additionally, there are changes to the Data File Integrity Maintenance window, to provide for clearing out the log and optionally creating a snapshot of all current costs (we recommend that those wanting to use this log start by running this snapshot feature).

Linux and Macintosh OS 10 Support (F0060)

The program is now cross-platform across 4 fundamentally independent operating systems, namely Windows (95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XT), Macintosh system 9 (traditional), Macintosh system 10 (NEXT unix) and Linux (open unix). A number of internal processes have been adjusted to accommodate the different characteristics of these new (Mac OSX and Linux) operating systems. The #STYLE system is the most significant.

Macintosh OS X MACINTOSH OS X ONLY: With Mac OSX, in our opinion, significant user-comfort limitations exist by the adoption of the Aqua interface. The use of transparency as a theme background significantly detracts from the human interface and could cause heightened real-user stress levels and consequential health impact.

Linux LINUX ONLY: The Omnis Studio Linux implementation specifically does not support a Printer device. In place of this there is a Postscript device that seeks to accommodate printing needs. In our experience this does not work correctly (although this inevitably may be a consequence of our hardware limitations). Users with printing needs should avoid using this platform. There are additional known problems with environment styles. However, other than this, under KDE we have found it an impressively pleasant and fast client environment to use.

Environment, Schemes and Styles (F0060)

The new arrangements are documented in the Environment Designer window and Environment Designer Toolbar. The new system uses a new fieldstyles technology which significantly improves the usability of Environment Schemes. As a consequence of this Schemes designed in earlier version to V1.10 are not compatible with V1.10. In addition, those who have custom windows or reports should read carefully the Upgrading Caliach Vision to V1.10 from Earlier Versions topic and act on it accordingly to migrate your custom classes to V1.10.

Additional Standard Reports (F0061)

Additional reporting options have been added for Purchase Order Line Items, Purchase History, Sales Order Line items, Inventory History and Shopfloor Work History. Plus a new standard Dispatch Note and Invoice that show trade statistics.

Workflow Alert Checks (F0062)

This new system of periodically timed customised alert checking is described in the Workflow Alert Report Maintenance window and the Workflow Alert Result window. There is a new File menu item that enables you to run checks at any time using the Workflow Alert Check Selection window.

Workflow Alert Triggers (F0063)

This powerful new system of automated business event messaging is described in the Workflow Trigger Alert Maintenance window and the Workflow Trigger Sending Dialog window. This system enables you to have messages sent internally or by Internet email when defined events take place on the system.

A facility has been provided to export and import a part, customer or supplier with, selectively, all related records in other files. A single part, customer or supplier can be exported or several at the same time by dragging a group from the ScratchPad. The Part Maintenance, Customer Maintenance and Supplier Maintenance windows now have a button on the final tab pane to open the Part, Customer or Supplier Master and Related Export and Import window which controls the process.

Goods Return Backorder Default Option (F0065)

A default setting for the Backorder checkbox has been added as an option. The optPOReturnBackorder option has been added.

Multiple Company Names License Option (F0066)

This new licensing option of multiple company names under a single license is described in the Multiple Company Names Maintenance window and the Company Name Selection window.

Many Window Checkbox Choices are now saved for the User (F0067)

Many user window checkbox choices are now saved for the user, including:

  • Navigator Heading Condition
  • Window Tooltips
  • Print GRN on Goods Receipt
  • Print Dispatch Note on Dispatch
  • Print Invoice on Dispatch
  • Print Invoice on Uninvoiced Dispatches
  • Backorder on Returns for Credit
  • Print Return Note on Goods Return to Supplier
  • Print Invoice on Job Invoicing

Duplicate QA and Serial No Structure with Part (F0068)

When a part is duplicated you are now presented with the option to duplicate a Quality Assurance Regime and/or Serial Number Structure if appropriate.

Drill-Down to Outwork Operation Purchase Order from Work Order (F0069)

In the Work Order Maintenance window and other windows that make use of the same tab pane sub-window for an assembly, double-clicking on an outwork work centre in the operations list will open the PO window or history window for the outwork operation of the work order.

Automatic Active Production Plan Adjustment (F0070)

There is a new system preference which can automatically adjust the production plan to take account of dispatches, bonding and job issues. For details see the System Preferences window Sales Orders tab pane topic.

Suppression of Decimals Portion of Value in Words for Currencies (F0071)

You can now use the # (hash or pound) character as your currency decimal character so that the cent portion of an amount printed in words on documents such as sales orders, invoices and cheques is suppressed. This feature is provided for numerically large currencies such as Rupees or Yen.

Purchase History Date and Reference Amendment (F0072)

The purchase history order and history references, account and receipt date can now be amended in the Amend Purchase History References window.

Extra Items can be added to PO Receipt (F0073)

You can now add extra part items to a PO Receipt in the Goods Receipt from Purchase Order window by dragging parts from the Parts Scratchpad or BoM Listing. To achieve this you must add the optPOReceiptAddUsers option at the system level (I.E. In the Privileges and Settings window, then System and Options tab panes. Enter a list of system users permitted to add part items to the receipt of PO items list. Each User Id must be followed by a comma, including the last.

Improvements have been made to linking customers and suppliers to marketing records with the addition of a View or Add Marketing button to both the Customer Maintenance window and Supplier Maintenance window. In addition drag and drop from Customer and Supplier ScratchPads has been added to the Marketing Data Maintenance and Marketing Contact Selection windows.

Goods Receipt window now lists Stock Location (F0075)

The Goods Receipt from Purchase Order window now lists the preferred stock location.

G/L Financial Reports now Suppress Zero Value Accounts (F0076)

The Financial Statement Reports Selection window now has an option to Exclude Empty Accounts which is available when the Show Individual Account Lines option is checked.

Work Orders can be Created Direct from Sales Orders (F0077)

The Sales Orders menu now includes a Create Work Orders from Order function that enables you to create back-to-back work orders from SO line items when appropriate.

You can now enter a Scrap Reason Code in Work Tracking Input (F0078)

The Work Operation Tracking window now supports the entry of a Scrap Reason Code when a scrap quantity is recorded.

Part Search in Stocktake Entry (F0079)

The Stocktake Results Entry now supports searching for a part number within the headed list.

Sales and Purchase Orders can show Customer and Purchase Parts before Line Entry (F0080)

Before an order line item is available it is now possible to use the Customer Parts or Purchase Parts buttons to show a list of all parts for the order customer or supplier. Double-clicking on a part will load that into the Parts Scratchpad for subsequent drag and drop onto the order.

Stock Location Comments can Optionally be Printed on SO and WO Picking Lists (F0081)

Two options have been added to enable stock location comments to be printed for multi-location parts on SO and WO Picking Lists. They are respectively optSOPickStoComments and optWOPickStoComments. They are set to the maximum number of characters of comments to print. In addition a further option has been added to include location comments on sales history and therefore dispatch notes. This is optSOBatchComments and operates in a similar way, formatting the comments within String s4391.

Goods Receipt Window Change (F0082)

A new supplier reference will now be copied to all lines when entered first in any line, as opposed to just the first line.

Shortage Report Addition of Work Orders (F0083)

A Shortages Report Selection Shortages vs. Orders Due Report now shows due Work Orders as well as Purchase Orders.

General Ledger Budgets Export and Import (F0084)

The General Ledger Account Maintenance Period Budget tab pane now has Export and Import buttons on it to Export a budget table for preparation of a budget in a spreadsheet program which can then be imported. See the Export G/L Budget Selection window for full details of export and import capabilities.

PO and SO Printed Flag can be Changed (F0085)

You can now change the status of the printed flag by double-clicking on the field in the Select Sales Order and Select Purchase Order windows.

Shortage Warning when Changing WO Dates in Capacity Planning (F0086)

When selecting a work order or job in capacity planning to move the due date, a warning is now provided if the order has shortages on file.

Results Report for Lead Time Global Changes (F0087)

A results report can be optionally printed in the Parts Global Lead Time Auto-Calculate window.

The Print G/L Report Selection window now additionally supports selection by transaction date range.

Serial Number Structure will accept Any Parts (F0089)

The Serial Number Structure window now can accept additional parts outside the limits of the BoM components, dragged from the Parts Scratchpad.

Archive and Delete Stock Transfer and NCR Reports (F0090)

Stock Transfer Records and Non-Conformance Reports can be deleted and archived in the Data File Integrity Maintenance window.

Serial Number Obsolete Flag Implemented (F0091)

The serial number obsolete flag has been implemented on the Product Serial Number Maintenance and Serial Number Listing windows.

Parts Maintenance window changes (F0092)

The Part Maintenance and Parts Global Changes windows have had texts added to the Lead Time and Shelf Life fields to distinguish the units.

Serial Number on Goods-In Warning Added (F0093)

A warning has been added to the Serial Number Creation on PO Receipt window when you leave some numbers un-entered.

Work Order and Outwork Kitting List Additions (F0094)

The Purchase Order Outwork Kit Review and Processing, Work Order Kit and Item Issue or Return and Work Order Backflush windows now have an emphasis for un-available stock lines and double-clicking on Available cells will drill down to show the part process list.

Purchase Order can show Outwork Kitting BoM Comments (F0095)

The new optPOBomComments option has been added to enable BoM Structure Comments to be shown on a Purchase Order when an outwork kit is listed.

Invoice Date can be Changed (F0096)

The Invoice or Credit Note Selection and Dispatch Note Selection window now has an Option tab Change Invoice Date function. This function is only available if you have privileges for the Process — Dispatch — Customer Payments or Ledgers — Accounts Receivable — Change Invoice or CN menu items.

Work Order Option to Prevent Part Change (F0097)

The new optWONoPartChange option has been added to prevent a work order part from being changed after it has been created.

G/L Journals can now contain Zero Value Lines (F0098)

The General Ledger Journals window now supports zero-value journal lines.

Serial Number Enhancements (F0099 through F0106)

A number of enhancements have been made to the Serial Number system to improve the structure assignment system. Most relate to the Product Serial Number Maintenance window.

Quotations can now have a Validity Date (F0107)

The Sales Order Maintenance window now has a Quotation validity date which can be used to limit a quotation’s validity. There is also a default validity days field on the Company Details Maintenance window.

G/L Account Code Entry Changes (F0108)

In the Part Maintenance window you can now use the shift-tab method of overriding normal restrictions on G/L Account entry. Similarly, the Sales and Purchase default accounts can be overridden in the Account Manager Controls Maintenance window.

Sales Order Shipping Load System (F0109)

A system of SO line item consolidation into shipping loads has been introduced. It enables drag and drop assignment of multiple-order line items to a numbered load (typically a truck load) and then dispatch of that load in one operation. For details see the Sales Order Shipping Load Assignment window.

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